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Auraa Cinemas has stepped up in the new venture of production. Their strategy lies on producing quality contect every year. Auraa Cinemas focusses on choosing scripts with different genres and giving opportunities for upcoming filmmakers in the industry. They try to rightly package it with astute marketing practices and monetize it across existing andemerging revenue streams along with traditional and emerging platforms.


Auraa Cinemas is noted for their film distribution and makes the movie available for viewing by any audience. Auraa Cinemas makes sure that only the quality film reaches the audience. The team distributes the film in such way that it reaches the audience in nook and corner.The intensive promotional strategies and professional approach to distribution have helped it to become one of the top distributors in tamil film industry.

Mahesh Govindaraj

Mahesh is our bedrock of Auraa Cinemas. He is the negotiator, the planner, the supreme keeper of the purse and the high commander our place.He makes sure the project stays on track from start to finish.
He is known for his killer memory and his noteworthy eye for business.He has been in the roots of films for the last eight years. The way he handles execution,production, promotions of the film without even taking a day’s off shows his passion and love for films.He is rock steady, focused and intense.His work procedures are impeccable and he handles the job with finesse.He’s a people’s person and the
trustworthy name he has earned in this industry shows his extreme hardwork and talent. He’s genuine, chivalrous and kind.

Kaviya Mahesh

Our producer KAVIYA is incredible at what she does. She’s decisive, has a unique eye for the creative field and is an extremely smart worker. Her love for films makes her ideas not just different but also one of a kind. She’s a conceptualizer who knows how to get the job done. Kaviya is not only greatly respected by her colleagues but also immensely respectful of everyone she works with She goes above and beyond for the people she cares about and the projects she undertakes, exceeding what the job requires her to do. She’s known for her out of the box thinking and point of views.With all these powers and skills combined it fascinates how she can send her three year old to bed on time …