Our Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
–Michael Jordan

Prashanthi – Director of Auraa Digital

Prashanthi, Director of Auraa Digital is the marketing strategist and one of the key administrator in the growth of Auraa Cinemas. She makes sure that the film reaches nook and corner of the city through digital platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Prime and others. She could do whatever task she sets in her mind and never once complain about the intensity or the complications of it. She is an incredible multitasker and has been a part of every single venture in Auraa Cinemas.She is one of the few who is extremely true at heart and stays genuine not just to the projects she undertakes but also to the people she works with.

Sathiya – Executive Producer

Sathiya,the executive producer is a person who almost devoted his life to cinema and kollywood. Sathiya is huge supporter and one of the the important pillars in Auraa Cinemas.He has worked hard to venture
into different parts in this industry. It doesn’t require an saying that he has worked hard to venture into different parts of this domain. Whether it’s pre-production, production or post production, He will be there every time when a problem arises and uses his patience and wit in solving them in seconds. He’s held onto his humility even after being exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable in this industry.

Shreeram – Creative Manager

Shreeram ,the Creative Manager is the one who induces creativity in everything he do.He is an incredible multitasker. Be it promotions of a film, organizing events or handling clients and checks quality and
resolves every technical issue that arises.He is someone who can find solutions to any issues. He is sensitive, funny and a really cool guy who takes pride in working at Auraa Cinemas. He does not rest until he finds solutions, rights his wrongs and learns from them. It is almost unbelievable how easily he creates a connection with clients – anyone, for a matter of fact.

Duke – Accountant

Duke, Accountant is the motivator of Auraa Cinemas. He’s someone who doesn’t care about stereotypes and isn’t scared to be himself. He’s is also confident about skills. He’s honest, straightforward and reputable. His work record is impeccable with on-time money transfers and never fails to motivate and his colleagues. He’s an organised and efficient worker who has clarity in what he needs to do in work and life. He does his job with honesty and dedication. He’s always open to helping everyone and does not hesitate to spend generously for his friends.

Suresh – Cashier

Suresh, cashier or the stress-handler of Auraa cinemas is huge support for almost everyone working. He makes sure that he takes away all the stress and lightens the mood. Even though taking care of money is
incredibly stressful in a production company, he handles it with ease. He is super organised and on-time every time. He’s extremely righteous and dedicated. Suresh is an incredible hard worker when it comes to getting work done, ensuring that the colleagues are happy. He’s one of the few that’s extremely trustworthy with company data, finances,files and agreements.

Sundharam – Admin

Sundharam, the admin staff and the jack of all trades in Auraa Cinema. His work expanded from being our admin to the overall management of Auraa Cinemas. He is known for his incredible memory power and organizational skills. The growth he has underwent is incredible. He is responsible for every single file, agreement and data that comes in.

Santhosh – Receptionist

Santhosh,the receptionist is the power house of Auraa Cinemas. He is responsible for handling all the clients who come in and also handles all the tantrums of people working in Auraa Cinemas. He is a workaholic and he can be found at the office anytime. Auraa Cinemas physically cannot function without Santhosh.